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 Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. We find only one system of well-being serving the complete purpose of such powerful definition by World Health Organization for Health and wellness. That is Yoga Therapy only and yet ignored by health professional at large !?  IAYT INDIA Foundation has a mission to get Yoga therapy as a primary and adjuvant system to all other systems of Medicine to aid aim of WHO. 

Our Vision

 To promote Indian ancestral and cultural wisdom of Yoga as a system of wellbeing to the world. Our slogan is "YogakshemaVahamyaham"- Your welfare is our responsibility.

To provide a common and larger platform to Yoga and Yoga Therapy practitioners, professionals, institutions, colleges, Universities and Hospitals to work together for the better health of all.

Our Endeavour

is to promote Yoga as an easy, affordable and adjuvant system of integrated systems of Medicine and Healthcare.

Help reduce onset of diseases and disorders to the mankind by promoting the practice of Yoga as the most powerful preventive system of medicine and also to save economy of the individual and Nation by helping reduce medical expenses.

Initiate, promote and validate research in Yoga as primary system of healthcare and Therapy.

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